For the love of the game, and the brand that moves you
Upper Ground Floor

The iconic German sportswear brand Adidas needs no introduction. Known worldwide for our innovative designs and high-performance sports equipment, We bring our flagship store to the Upper Ground Floor of Ampa SkyOne Mall. 

Stepping into the brightly lit store, customers are greeted by an impressive display of the latest Adidas collections. Be it shoes, apparel or accessories, Adidas has it all under one roof. From classic sneakers to trendy lifestyle gear, there is something for every sport and activity. The knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help customers find what they need through friendly and knowledgeable recommendations. 

Comfort is key at Adidas, with the latest technologies going into shoes and clothing designed specifically for various sports, from running to football. For the ultimate Adidas experience, members can sign up for the Adidas Creators Club loyalty program. 

Members enjoy rewards, discounts, and exclusive access to launches and events. There are also interactive displays throughout the store where members can engage with digital content.

With best-in-class service, amazing products and innovative experiences, Adidas at Ampa SkyOne Mall is a must-visit for all sports and streetwear enthusiasts. It is truly a one-stop destination for the latest in performance gear and lifestyle wear.