Chai Gulli

Welcome to Chai Gulli - Your one-stop tea paradise!
Third Floor

Located on the third floor of Ampa SkyOne Mall, Chai Gulli is renowned as one of the best tea franchises in Chennai. Stepping into our outlet is like taking a walk down the nostalgic lanes of Indian tea culture. From the aromatic air to our warm hospitality, everything about Chai Gulli screams ‘chai’. 

We have over 30 types of hot teas and 15 varieties of cold teas for you to choose from. From classic masala chai to exotic flavours, we’ve got it all. Along with our wide assortment of teas, we also offer a delectable menu of snacks perfect for nibbling. Tuck into our famous samosas, snacks or our special filter coffee cake.  

At Chai Gulli, it’s not just about the drinks. It’s about creating memories over cups of steaming chai. Come unwind in our cosy nooks, catch up with friends over high tea or get your work done at our quiet study corners. Free WiFi ensures you stay connected. For large groups, we have a private lounge area that can be booked.

Our team of baristas are experts in the art of tea brewing. Watch them handcraft your perfect cup with care, using only the finest ingredients. Most importantly, you’ll experience our heartwarming hospitality. From a friendly greeting to a personalised ‘thank you’, we ensure every customer feels special. 

So what are you waiting for? Drop in to experience the magic of Chai Gulli today! We promise you’ll leave with smiles and your favourite tea blend.