Add personality to your home with Kraftloom designs
Second Floor

Located on the second floor of Ampa SkyOne mall, Kraftloom is a premium home decor brand offering an exquisite collection of handwoven products. Known for its eco-friendly practices and attention to detail, Kraftloom combines traditional Indian artistry with modern aesthetics.  

You will find an array of handwoven accessories crafted by skilled Indian artisans using natural fibers like cotton, jute and silk. Each product is uniquely designed with intricate patterns and vibrant colors to complement any home interior. What sets Kraftloom apart is its use of ancient weaving techniques combined with contemporary designs.

Shopping at Kraftloom is a delightful experience. Friendly staff are always present to help you find the perfect match for your needs. You can touch and feel the products to appreciate the fine craftsmanship. 

Kraftloom ensures utmost quality control and uses only certified organic dyes. It also supports underprivileged weavers through fair trade. Visit our store to explore exquisite home decor souvenirs as well as functional furnishings. Discover how you can decorate your home with elegance and sustainability through Kraftloom’s handwoven treasures.