7 Famous Malls In Chennai You Must Visit

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Famous Malls In Chennai


Shopping malls have become the lifeline for modern-day cities. Due to their busy lifestyles, people prefer shopping malls where most requirements are fulfilled under one roof. Chennai has a wide variety of malls, and it would be helpful to know the best options. Here are some famous malls in Chennai that deserve a visit at least once.


There are more than 20 big and small famous malls in Chennai. People often need clarification on which is better regarding variety and affordability. They usually miss good opportunities for deals in the malls because they need the updates.

There are many reasons why people love to visit malls apart from shopping. The ambiance of the mall is the most crucial reason people love to visit malls more often. Besides the ambiance, many factors make people love visiting the mall.

Why people love visiting malls can be understood by breaking down the factors into four sections.

  • Shopping Convenience is the top feature of these malls. It provides everything you need under one roof. Stores are loaded with goods suitable for high- and low-budget customers. Most famous brands are located in these malls, giving the convenience of choosing at will. 
  • Malls are known for entertainment and activity, like movie theaters with superb sound and video quality, dining options with the best food, and a clean, air-conditioned environment for social gatherings.
  • The presence of comfort and environment in these malls is at the next level. There are spaces for relaxing and refreshing, with safe washrooms and ample parking space.
  • Many additional perks are connected to these malls, like free Wi-Fi, top-notch customer service, window shopping, and seasonal offers.

Famous Malls in Chennai You Must Visit

1. Ampa Skyone

Ampa Skyone Mall - Best Shopping Mall In Chennai

Ampa Skyone is over 3.5 lakh square feet with 75+ commercial units and 600 parking slots. It has dedicated facilities for kids, such as baby care, baby prams, a creche, bright learning centers, kids’ selfie centers, toy trains, and more. It also has outlets for the most famous brands, such as Mamaearth, Mochi, Toni & Guy, Lifestyle, Croma, and many more.

There are 7 PVR screens for ultimate entertainment. The movie experience in PVR is at the next level because of its sound and video quality. The food court in PVR is satisfactory and pocket-friendly. Biggies Burger, Chai Galli, and Baskin Robbins are kids’ favorites at this destination. 

This mall is also loaded with features like a games coaching center, martial arts center, and kids identification tags, making it stand out from the competitors. They have many seasonal offers, like summer and Christmas sales, which excite customers to visit this mall. 

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2. Vivira Mall

Vivira Mall

This mall is open from 11 AM to 10 PM and offers brands like Smart Bazar, Trends, Pantaloons, and more. It also offers many quality dining options, such as KFC, Domino’s, and Absolute Barbecue. In addition, occasional arrangements are made for music events and other activities like Flea Market, Pongola Pongal, DJ night, and more.

3. Marina Mall

Marina Mall

This mall is fun, with events, offers, and new stores. Marina Mall is a destination for brands like Femiga, Zimson, Tupperware, Lenskart Loom, Archies, and more. This place is also a heaven for food lovers, full of dining and fast food options. For people seeking entertainment, INOX is available, providing a top-notch experience.

4. Express Avenue

Express Avenue

Express Avenue is a great place for discount lovers, known for its great offers. Many fun activities for kids and adults will keep you and your family engaged. Brands like Birkenstock, H&M, Bobbi Brown, Mont Blanc, and more are in high demand in this mall. This mall’s ice-water sports arena is a great place to have fun.

5. City Centre

City Centre

Located at Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore City Centre is one of the leading shopping malls in Chennai. This mall is the home for a 4-screen PVR with a 1340 seating capacity, fully capable of entertaining you and your family. Overall, the mall’s architecture is appealing; it is an excellent place with many activities. Outlets like Bata shoes, Begum, Health & Grow, and Indus League Clothing are trendy in this mall. For food lovers, there are fast food options like KFC, L4 restaurant, McDonald’s, Chicago Pizza, and more.

6. Aerohub Mall

Aerohub mall

A terrific place for the kids to enjoy, Aerohub is loaded with fun activities. 100+ brands, 2.5 lakh square feet of space, and 2000+ parking spaces are a few highlights of this mall, just 2 minutes away from Chennai airport. Almost all trusted dining brands are destined in this location. Fashion brands not common in other malls are also available in this mall.

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7. Grand Mall

Grand Mall

Grand Mall is a contemporary mall open from 11 AM to 10 PM. People looking for the three F’s, Fun, Food, and Frolic, this is the favorite destination in Velachery. This mall is fun-loaded with features like a shopping mall, PVR cinema, Food Street, and more. This mall also has a dedicated 24×7 rooftop sports arena where people can enjoy a football game.


In this busy life, malls are great destinations for fun with friends and family. There are ample opportunities in malls for people with a high or low budget. In cities, most places are chargeable, which might put a load on people’s pockets.

But malls are free entertainment for those who are looking for window shopping. The concept of malls brings all facilities under one roof, saving a lot of time for people looking to shop and have good dining. There are many famous malls in Chennai, but people often need clarification on which ones to visit and which not. This list gives you a good understanding of malls, which can help you choose the most suitable mall to save time and money.

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Famous Malls In Chennai -FAQs

1. Which is the most famous mall in Chennai?

There are many malls in Chennai, and all have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the Ampa Skyone can be considered one of the best malls. It is fully loaded with features and a fun place for kids. There are great dining options available in the mall. The food tastes excellent, and you must try it at least once.

2. What is the purpose of visiting malls?

Shopping in malls is very convenient as all kinds of variety are available under one roof. Malls range from clothes to grocery stores, electronics to gift shops, and they are the best for all options. During shopping, people can enjoy quality food while visiting malls.

3. Why do people walk in malls?

Malls are great places for social gatherings. People often visit malls to spend quality time with family and friends rather than shopping.

4. What is good in Chennai for shopping?

Chennai is loaded with top-quality shopping malls and the best shopping destinations. People who love to shop on the streets can visit places like T. Nagar, Pondy Bazar, Sowcarpet, Anna Nagar, and Ritchie Street.

5. Why is the mall important?

Shopping malls combine Food, Fun, and Frolic, providing everything needed under one roof. They are also excellent socialization destinations, providing AC ambiance without additional cost.