Events & Promotions

Ampa June Event 2024
Experience the excitement of June’s Extravaganza at Ampa SkyOne! Unfolding a month of fun-filled events, exclusive sales, and vibrant entertainment. Don’t miss out on the best moments of June at Ampa SkyOne!
Celebrates the Joy of Summer this May 2024
Ampa SkyOne Mall celebrates the joy of summer this May 2024 with exciting events, cool shopping deals, and fun activities for all ages. Join us for a memorable summer experience!
A Vibrant Calendar of Events in April 2024
Explore the dynamic calendar of events at Ampa SkyOne for April 2024. From concerts to festivals, find the latest happenings at our vibrant mall
Join the festive cheer at Ampa Skyone! Celebrate Christmas with joyous events, delightful decorations, and a warm atmosphere. Experience the magic of the season together at Ampa Skyone.
Arts and Craft competition in ampa skyone
Explore artistic wonders at Ampa Skyone, where creativity flourishes in captivating arts and crafts events. From lively craft competitions to vibrant markets, our mall is a hub of imaginative expression
Music event at ampa skyone
Experience the magic of music at Ampa Skyone! From soulful melodies to high-energy beats, our mall hosts electrifying concerts, enriching the space with the raw power of diverse performances.

Exciting Events at Ampa Skyone Mall

Ampa Skyone Mall is known for hosting fun and exciting events throughout the year that attract large crowds. From fashion shows to food festivals, there is always something new and interesting happening here. Visitors can look forward to an entertaining line-up of promotions and activities.

One of the most popular annual events is the Mega Shopping Festival, held every summer. Spanning over a month, this massive sale sees steep discounts and deals across all stores. Shoppers flock to the mall to grab the best bargains on everything from clothing to electronics. The festival atmosphere is amplified with live music performances and complimentary goodie bags. Retailers roll out exclusive collection launches to draw in more customers during this busy period.

For fashion enthusiasts, the mall hosts a Trendsetter Showcase. Top designers bring their latest collections to the runway. Attendees get a first look at the must-have styles and colours emerging for the new season. The glamorous displays are always Instagram-worthy, generating buzz online. Refreshments and goody bags after the show create a memorable night out for all.

Foodies are treated to culinary adventures. A curated collection of the city’s best restaurants set up stalls with offers. Visitors can experience global cuisine. Tasting so many flavours under one roof has foodies lining up in large numbers each month.

Kids are kept entertained all year round with seasonal activities and workshops at the dedicated Kids Zone. Holiday-themed craft sessions and educational exhibits are organised during festivals. We introduce young ones to the arts, sports, and skills in a fun way. Parents appreciate having a safe, stimulating space for their little ones.

The mall celebrates important occasions like Diwali, Christmas and Independence Day with vibrant decorations and interactive installations. Selfie spots and photo booths are set up to capture memories. Traditional performances and cultural programs showcase the rich diversity of Indian arts. Giveaways and lucky draw contests add to the festive cheer. These events have become must-visit family traditions for many in the city.

With so much to see and do all year round, Ampa Skyone Mall has established itself as the place to be for non-stop entertainment. Events are carefully curated to offer unique experiences for every demographic. Visitors can look forward to new surprises that keep them engaged and coming back for more.