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Parking Facility

Wi-Fi Availability


Shopping at Ampa Skyone Mall is about more than just finding your favourite brands – it’s a full experience from the moment you arrive. Our focus is on making your visit as smooth and enjoyable as possible from start to finish.

Easy Parking

With over 600 well-lit parking spots located right inside the mall, you’ll never have to stress about finding a place to park. Advanced security systems like CCTV monitoring help ensure your vehicle is safe and secure while you shop. Multiple entry and exit points also allow for easy access, no matter which part of the parking area you end up in.

Hi-Speed WiFi

Stay connected throughout your time at Ampa Skyone with our high-speed public WiFi network. Whether you need to check email, browse online, or stream content, strong wireless signals reach every corner of the mall. Two hours of free basic access is provided with each parking validation.

Supreme HygienicRestrooms

Clean, well-maintained restrooms can be found on every floor for maximum convenience. Luxurious amenities like heated seats, diaper changing stations, and touchless fixtures provide an extra level of comfort. Automatic air fresheners also keep things smelling fresh all day long.

Lost and Found

Have you misplaced your phone or wallet in the hustle and bustle of shopping? Visit our customer service desk, where a team is ready to assist with locating lost items. Secure storage is provided to hold onto anything you turn in until it can be claimed.

We hope these thoughtful amenities help you fully relax and enjoy your time at Ampa Skyone Mall. Be sure to let our customer service team know if there’s any other way we can enhance your experience.