How To Spend A Day With Your Family In Ampa Skyone 

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Spend A Day With Your Family In Ampa Skyone


Ampa Skyone Mall in Chennai offers the perfect destination for families looking to spend a fun and enjoyable day out together. Sprawling across 3.5 lakh square feet, this vibrant mall in the city’s heart provides various entertainment and recreational options under one roof. 

In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive guide to spend a day with your family in Ampa Skyone with activities suitable for everyone in the family. From shopping and dining to movies and games, we will explore how to keep all age groups engaged throughout the day for memorable family bonding.

Getting to the mall

Ampa Skyone Mall is conveniently situated in Aminjikarai, one of the most accessible commercial areas of Chennai. You can take the metro to Shenoy Nagar, which is a 5-minute drive away and takes around 15 minutes to walk. Several MTC and minibus routes also run regularly between major parts of the city and terminate near the mall entrance.

For those driving private vehicles, ample parking is available, with over 600 spots spread across 3 basement floors. Entry and exit are smooth, with multiple lanes, and the parking areas have 24/7 CCTV surveillance for security. You can comfortably spend the entire day at the mall without worrying about your vehicle. Signage within the complex also ensures navigation is hassle-free.

Shopping with kids around

Shopping with kids can be quite a task, but Ampa Skyone makes it easier and enjoyable with top attractions to keep them entertained and distracted. 

They can explore learning centres with educational games and toys, a ride on the toy train chugging around the zone, and an indoor soft play area with bouncy castles, slides and ball pits. They can also get their pictures clicked at the selfie corner dressed in their favourite costumes. 

Services like a creche, martial arts and games coaching centres are available. The trained staff at the creche ensures the little ones are safe so parents can shop without worries. The children also get identification tags that help in case they get lost. 

With such extensive amenities catering especially to families, shopping at Ampa Skyone is seamless. Kids happily play while parents browse various stores at their own leisurely pace, making for a memorable shopping experience for everyone.

Here are a few tips to spend a day in Ampa Skyone Mall!

1. Planning your day

To make the most of your family outing, some pre-planning is important. Pack extra snacks and drinks to keep everyone fueled, along with any essential medications. Ensure all phones, cameras and devices are fully charged before leaving home. 

Based on the ages and interests of family members, decide which activities to prioritise, like shopping, dining or entertainment. Older kids will enjoy the gaming zones, while toddlers can spend time in the play areas. Thus, having a tentative schedule avoids rushing between places. 

With some groundwork, your family day is set to be a stress-free and fun experience!

2. Explore fashion and accessories!

No trip to the mall is complete without checking out the latest trends. Ampa Skyone is home to popular Indian and Western fashion brands like Lifestyle, Style Up, Max, Monte Carlo, Go Colors and more. Browse through the eclectic mix of apparel, footwear, accessories and more in these spacious showrooms spread across two floors.

After retail therapy, pamper yourself further at salons offering styling, grooming and beauty services. With such diverse options under one roof, you will surely pick up new additions to your wardrobe or that special gift. Style, comfort and quality are well-catered for all budgets here.

3. Take a delicious break! 

All that shopping and exploring builds up hunger pangs that deserve satisfying meals. The expansive food court of Ampa Skyone is the place to be, housing popular chains like KFC, Pizza Hut, TGI Friday, and many more. From burgers, rolls and sandwiches to Asian, Indian or dessert cravings, you’ll find something for every taste. 

For a more relaxed meal, head to casual dining restaurants like Street of Arabia, Vasanth Bhavan or Erode Amman Mess. Table service, ambience and multi-cuisine menus make these ideal for families. Don’t forget to carry your water bottles to stay hydrated as well. Fuel up well to continue the fun!

4. Relax and Recharge!

No matter how much you plan, tired feet and sensory overload are inevitable after a long day out. That’s where the thoughtfully placed rest areas and lounges across Ampa Skyone Mall come into play. Spacious seating lets you relax in comfort. 

Catch up on some rest or get some work done while the kids burn more energy at the play areas. Well-appointed restrooms on all floors include baby care facilities like diaper changing stations and express breastfeeding spaces. This allows mothers to tend to little ones’ needs easily.

With its zen-like ambience, the mall helps to take in some calm. Re-energise over snacks and beverages here before resuming activities. Strategically placed breaks help you squeeze the most joy out of your family day out.

5. Guaranteed Entertainment!

Ampa Skyone Mall has entertainment for people of all ages, from movies to games. Catch the latest Hollywood or Bollywood blockbuster in the modern 7-screen PVR Cinemas

A major draw is the ‘Horror House’, which provides scares and adrenaline for those seeking thrills. Spread over a large area, it takes visitors through realistic haunted rooms filled with scary animatronic figures, ominous sounds and dim lighting, creating a spooky atmosphere. The unexpected jump scares are sure to send a chill down your spine. 

Visitors can head to the expansive ‘Fun Unlimited’ arena for indoor gaming fun, housing virtual reality gaming zones to enjoy VR experiences across genres. 

A highlight is catching the cultural shows hosted in the spacious central atrium. During festivals, the performances attract large crowds, with exciting magic, dance and comedy acts by renowned artists. 

It provides quality entertainment for family and friends. The festive ambience and energy keep everyone engaged. With such diverse entertainment options spread throughout the day, there is never a dull moment at Ampa Skyone. 

6. End on a sweet note!

As evening approaches and hunger pangs start acting up again, we make a beeline for the street food section. The stalls here serve delicious chaats, bhelpuri, samosa and more.

Also, what better way to end a satisfying day than with something sweet? Try on desserts that let nostalgia strike as their comforting flavours transport you back to childhood. Dig in together for a sweet, sugary finish before wrapping up.

Here is our curated chart for spending a day in Ampa Skyone with friends and family!

  • Browse fashion, accessories and home stores
  • Children can play at learning centres

    Lunch- 1 PM
  • Dine at food court options like KFC, Pizza Hut
  • Casual dining like Vasanth Bhavan, Erode Amman Mess

    Entertainment- 2 PM
  • Watch a movie at PVR Cinemas
  • Visit “Horror House” for thrills
  • Play games at “Fun Unlimited” arena

    Snack- 5 PM
  • Munch on some best snack options available

    Cultural events- 6 PM
  • Attend shows if available to catch mind-blowing performances

  • Have a sweet for an end note and depart
  • Conclusion

    From morning till night, Ampa Skyone Mall provides endless opportunities to bond with family through fun, food and leisure. With safe, dedicated play areas and nursing facilities, even infants and toddlers can join the action. 

    Teenagers and kids have ample choices to stay engaged as per their interests. Shopping, dining, and entertainment- something for all ages are seamlessly taken care of under one expansive roof. World-class brands, facilities on par with international standards, and thoughtful services make for a hassle-free family experience to spend a day in Ampa Skyone.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1). What is there to do in Ampa Skyone Mall?

    Ampa Skyone Mall offers visitors various shopping, dining and entertainment options. You can shop at over 75 stores of national and international brands, dine at the large food court with various cuisines, and be entertained at the kids zone, games arcade, and movie screens. It is a one-stop destination for retail therapy, family fun, and quality time spending.

    2). How many square feet is the Ampa Skyone Mall?

    Ampa Skyone Mall is spread across 3.5 lakh square feet. It is located in the heart of Aminjikarai, one of Chennai’s most popular shopping, dining and entertainment hubs. The mall houses over 75 retail stores and commercial units across its expansive area.

    3). Where is Ampa Skyone Mall located?

    Ampa Skyone Mall is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Specifically, it is situated in Aminjikarai, a popular commercial hub south of Chennai. 

    4). What are the timings for Ampa Skyone Mall?

    Ampa Skyone Mall is open Monday to Sunday from 11 AM to 10 PM. 

    5). Is there a food court in Ampa Skyone Mall?

    Yes, a large food court under one roof offers various cuisines from North Indian and South Indian to Chinese and Continental. Many popular food brands, like Pizza Hut, KFC, etc., make it a popular spot for visitors to grab a bite