10 Reasons to Visit Ampa Skyone With Your Kids And Family

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Visit Ampa Skyone


Are you looking for the perfect family outing in Chennai? Look no further than Ampa Skyone, the premier shopping and entertainment destination in the heart of Aminjikarai. Whether you’re a local resident or visiting the vibrant city, Ampa Skyone offers an array of experiences that cater to all ages and preferences. 

Let’s explore the top 10 reasons to visit Ampa Skyone and why it stands out as the ultimate family-friendly destination for fun, entertainment, and memorable experiences.

10 reasons to visit Ampa Skyone with your kids and family

Here are the 11 reasons why visiting Ampa Skyone Mall is a must if you are in Chennai. 

1.Kid-friendly activities and play areas

Ampa Skyone Mall understands the importance of keeping kids engaged and entertained. They have dedicated areas like game coaching centres, martial arts centres, and bright learning centres that offer games, learning, and fun activities for children. 

Some of the other attractions here include a toy train, selfie corners, and more. Kids can burn off energy safely while parents shop stress-free. The kids also get an identification tag (ID), preparing them all excited for the adventurous learning and fun time ahead. 

2. PVR Cinema Multiplex

With its 7-screen PVR multiplex, Ampa Skyone Mall is a cinema lover’s paradise. Families can catch the latest movie releases together in a comfortable, luxurious setting. The multiplex also screens kid-friendly movies, making it a great outing option. You’ll find plush recliners, spacious halls and delicious snacks to enhance the movie experience.

3. Wide variety of stores

Housing 75+ brands, Ampa Skyone is every shopaholic’s paradise. The mall’s curated retail experience offers an eclectic mix of top national and international brands. Fashion enthusiasts will be delighted by shops like Lifestyle, Monte Carlo, Style Up, Max, and Go Colours, each offering the latest trends in Indian and Western wear. 

For electronics and gadget lovers, Croma and Apple provide unrivalled options. Additionally, renowned brands like American Tourister, Hush Puppies, and Bata ensure that your travel and footwear needs are well taken care of.

4 Food choices to suit all tastes

With its large food court and restaurants, Ampa Skyone ensures everyone’s tastebuds are satisfied. You’ll find popular local and international cuisine options, like Indian, Chinese, continental, Mediterranean, etc. 

Whether you’re in the mood for chaat, burgers, biryanis or pasta, the options are limitless. The clean, hygienic eateries with quick service ensure families can refuel and get back to having fun! All-time favourites like pizza, burgers, desserts etc are also available. 

5 Celebrations and festival events

Ampa Skyone hosts lively events throughout the year, like magic shows, dance performances and music concerts in its central atrium. Families will especially love the dazzling Diwali and Christmas celebrations here when the entire mall glitters with thousands of fairy lights and decorations. The festive atmosphere and energy are unbeatable!

6 Wi-Fi, Spacious parking and Restroom amenities

With over 600 parking slots, Ampa Skyone provides hassle-free parking – a boon for families travelling by car. Advanced security systems like CCTV monitoring add to the safety and convenience. Parents can shop stress-free, knowing their vehicle is well protected.

The mall offers free high-speed WiFi that kids and adults can use to stay connected on the go. Parents can quickly look up store locations, check maps or browse options while kids enjoy online videos, games, etc. It makes for a seamless shopping experience.

Clean, well-maintained restrooms are a necessity when shopping with kids. Ampa Skyone understands this need and has restrooms located strategically across zones. Parents will appreciate the child-friendly amenities like diaper changing stations.

7 Childcare facilities

For parents needing a break, the mall has a creche service where kids can play under supervision. This allows families with infants to shop together without hassle comfortably. Apart from this, the mall also has a day centre for child care. Identification tags ensure children’s safety.

8 Prime location and accessibility

Strategically located in Aminjikarai, Ampa Skyone enjoys excellent connectivity through road and rail to all corners of Chennai. Families can easily access the mall by personal or public transport, with ample parking for over 600 vehicles. The location’s safety and proximity to residential areas make it ideal for relaxed family outings.

9 Entertaining Thriller experiences

For families seeking thrills and chills, the “Horror House” is a must-visit. This attraction is designed to send shivers down your spine with its scary haunted rooms, animatronic figures, ominous sounds, and eerie lighting. 

Meanwhile, the “Fun Unlimited” space offers a diverse range of indoor games, including virtual reality experiences and other interactive games, providing hours of excitement for both kids and adults.

10 Budget-friendly options

While Ampa Skyone houses premium global brands, it offers mid-range and budget options for price-conscious families. There are deals and steals everywhere, from value fashion to budget-friendly family dining choices. Even entertainment zones like the gaming arcade have options to suit all budgets.


So don’t hesitate to head to Ampa Skyone for your next family outing! With endless options, comfort, convenience, safety, and budget-friendly features across entertainment, shopping, dining and leisure, parents and children have a time bonding here. Visit Ampa Skyone and rekindle your family ties while creating beautiful memories at this vibrant Chennai hotspot.


1). Where is Ampa Skyone Mall located?

Ampa Skyone Mall is located in the heart of Chennai, Aminjikarai. It is open from Monday to Sunday from 11 AM to 10 PM.

2). Is Ampa Skyone Mall worth visiting?

Yes, Ampa Skyone Mall is undoubtedly worth visiting. As one of the largest malls in Chennai, it offers a wide variety of stores, entertainment options, restaurants, and family amenities under one roof. With its focus on providing memorable experiences for visitors of all ages, Ampa Skyone Mall makes for an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping or family outing destination.

3). Does Ampa Skyone Mall have childcare facilities?

Yes, Ampa Skyone Mall provides childcare facilities to make shopping more convenient for families. It has a well-equipped creche where parents can leave their young children for a few hours under trained supervision while they shop. The mall also offers identification tags for children’s safety and security. These amenities allow families to comfortably shop together without worrying about their kids.

4). What are the services and facilities that Ampa Skyone Mall has?

Ampa Skyone Mall offers various services and facilities to enhance the shopping experience. It has over 600 parking spots with advanced security, making it very convenient for visitors. Free high-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the mall for connectivity. Clean and well-maintained restrooms are located strategically across zones for easy access. 

5). Does Ampa Skyone Mall have dining and entertainment options?

Yes, Ampa Skyone Mall offers various dining and entertainment choices for visitors. It has a food court with both quick-service and full-service restaurants serving Indian, Chinese, and international cuisines. The mall is also home to a 7-screen PVR cinema multiplex. Ampa Skyone regularly hosts events like live performances and festivals, providing entertainment for all ages.