8 Best Gift Shops In Chennai To Buy The Perfect Present

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Best Gift Shops in Chennai


Truly said, “Giving allows us to express emotions that words can never do; gifts are a way to connect with others, create an unforgettable memory and strengthen the bonds between the two”. You too are perplexed and doubtful about where to get such a gift which will strike a strand of memory in another person’s mind, keep all worries to me. In this article, you will get to know about the best gift shops in Chennai, where you can find the perfect present for your loved ones.


Chennai is a huge city with lots of facilities for everything but sometimes, having too many options takes you to a stage of confusion. When it comes to the selection of gifts for our loved ones, we are thoughtful and try to give the best, but mostly in a dismal situation unable to decide on a perfect one.

The type of gift you are selecting signifies the kind of love, thoughtfulness, comfort and care you are willing to bestow on the person you are gifting. Not only does this gift create long-lasting and irreversible happy memories for both the giver and the taker. Whether you want to say, “Thank You” “I Love You” or “I Miss You”, or any other good wishes, there is a gift which can do the job for you, all you need to do is to find the picture-perfect one.

So, before selecting a gift you must understand that each gift symbolises a certain meaning and thought, like if you want to buy a gift for your valentine, a beautiful and romantic card or a cute teddy can do the job. But if you are searching for a gift for your father, a watch or a tie should be perfect.

To ease your tedious task and help you access the perfect place to buy an ideal gift, I will enlist a few of the best gift shops in Chennai, which are famous, easily accessible and affordable.

8 Best Gift Shops in Chennai :

1. Zimson – Watch 

Zimson showroom

A perfect gift for some senior teammate, your boss or your father, a good watch is not just a tool to see time, but a symbol of your care and respect. Zimson is a brand which has become a symbol of trust and quality since 1948, being a home for most of the trusted watch brands all over the world. Whichever premium watch brand you can think of maybe Balmain, Mont Blanc, Rolex, or Hublot you can find everything in this store.

At this Zimson Watch Store in Ampa Skyone mall in Aminjikarai, Chennai you can find a huge collection of most of the premium watches at a very reasonable price. The ambience is good and the staff are very supportive, giving you the maximum satisfaction during your purchase. 

2. Kraftloom – Decor and handmade goods 

Kraftlooms Store in Ampa

Looking for a unique gift, in the list of best gift shops in Chennai, this could be the option you are looking for. Kraftloom located on the second floor of Ampa SkyOne mall offers branded and exquisite handwoven products at a very affordable price.

The art of handwoven materials is losing its essence over time, but Kraftloom has revitalized it and created a kind of demand which stands out from the crowd. Each product has a unique design made of high-quality breathable fabric. 

3. Hush Puppies – Shoes 

Hush Puppies

Talking about designer shoes for men and women, you will go crazy by visiting this store and seeing the amount of collections they have. If you are looking for a shoe Hush Puppies is loaded with premium designs and quality, which will leave a long-lasting impression in your memories.

4. Derby – Custom Jeans Outfits 

Derby jeans store in ampa

Derby Jeans Community is a clothing brand based in India, well-known for casual wear like Jeans, T-shirts, Shirts and many more for both men and women. Unlike other brands, Derby Jeans have unrivalled quality at affordable prices, worthy to be gifted to your loved ones.

The Derby store in Ampa Skyone is on this list because of its collections and customer support. Here you will definitely find the correct piece of cloth which will fulfil your requirements.

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5. Max, Lifestyle, Style Up 

Max and Style Up store in ampa

If you are looking for good quality dresses with genuine prices, but like to explore a lot, you can find an opportunity by checking out the showrooms of Max, Lifestyle and Style Up, which are very close to each other. All these brands are known for good quality clothes with a wide range of options.

6. Odyssey 

Odyessey store in chennai

Having lots of options for books, stationery, toys, games and arts & crafts, Odyssey: the online leisure store is a good choice to buy books in Chennai. Odyssey is famous for books, giving you access to almost all the publications, it can be a perfect gift for those who love to read. Even for kids, there are lots of fun activities and games to choose from.

 7. Jus Hampered

Jus Hampered store in chennai

Jus Hampered is a fashion brand with expertise in bags, home decor, stationary, kitchenware, toys, games and a lot more. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other occasion, this store is among the best gift shops in Chennai,  good enough to keep you excited.

8. Higginbotham 

Higginbotham store in chennai

Another bookstore which is regarded as a bookworm’s heaven, Higginbothams is an awesome place to search for international books. Regarded as the oldest bookstore in Chennai, it has a collection of every classic and epic work of literature, giving you a world of thrill and knowledge to explore.

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Gifts: a doorstep to emotions 

Mohan belongs to a middle-class family and during his entire life, he saw how his father struggled to make him a successful career. The moment he got his first salary he wanted to gift something to his father to express his emotions. He thought of many options and at last, decided to gift a watch. 

But to select the watch he has set some parameters and even after visiting many stores nothing caught his eye. Suddenly one fine day he saw his boss wearing a premium watch and he could not take his eye off it. 

After inquiring from his boss he directly went to the Zimson watch showroom in Ampa SkyOne – Best Shopping Mall in Chennai and there he found many models which passed his pre-requisites. Finally, he got a wonderful watch and gifted his father, making him proud. 

This is the true story of one of my friends, compelling me to keep Zimsom watch at the first spot in this list. If you visit Ampa SkyOne apart from Zimson there are too many options available with the best facilities and ambience. You should visit this place at least once to understand the legacy of this mall. 


Gifts are special because the person for whom you are purchasing is special in your heart. But it is very important to select the perfect gift depending upon the time and person to whom you are going to gift. If you fail to select an appropriate gift, then the meaning and value of the gift are greatly reduced and all your efforts can go in vain.

I hope that the options that I have listed among the best gift shops in Chennai to buy the perfect present pass your expectations and that your motive for reading this article is fulfilled.

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Best Gift Shops in Chennai – FAQs

1. I love to keep a range of jeans with different designs. Which is the best place to look for uniquely designed jeans?

If you are looking for premium quality jeans at a very low cost with uncountable designs to choose from, Derby – Custom Jeans Outfit in Ampa SkyOne will be the best option. Once you visit this place, you will feel like you have entered a paradise of Jeans and you will get the best deal.

2. Name a trustworthy store to buy a premium watch with the best after-sale support.

Looking for premium watches, the Zimson – Watch can be the best option located in the Ampa SkyOne. The range of brands here is unimaginable and you need not go somewhere else once you visit this place.

3. I am a bookworm. Suggest to me the best store to buy the best works of literature from some unknown writers.

Even if the writer is not a famous one there are high chance that you will find the book you are looking for in Odyssey in Generic Mall because they have a stock of almost all the publications in India.

4. Looking for dresses but want cheap and best.

Surely, go to Ampa SkyOne and visit Max, Lifestyle or Style Up. All these counters are almost similar and are known for quality products at a very reasonable price.

5. Where can I get good-quality handloom work?

Kraftloom in Ampa SkyOne is known for handloom work. The variety and range are great to look for and the price is also reasonable.